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How Inventory management can Help You Save Time?

Let’s say that you own a small local grocery store. You carry several basic necessities like bread, milk, eggs, butter as well as many shelf stable products. When the shipments start rolling in, you price the items and stick them on the shelves after writing them down on a sheet (hopefully you aren’t distracted and miscount the inventory). The sheet gets really long and now, a week later, you need to balance the books and take inventory again to see what has sold, what has expired and what you need to restock. Again comes the counting by hand. You would like to expand the number of products that you carry, but find that this process is terribly involved and are hesitant to do so.

As you add more products to your stores’ inventory, all you need to do is add a few bits of data to the software program and it will do the work for you. You can print a report that tells you how much you have left in stock, warns you if anything is close to expiring so you can put it out for sale (you don’t want to have to throw anything away it’s just a waste of resources), etc. Your items can be scanned, or a simple code can be entered for each item for easy tracking purposes. All the sales clerk has to do is swipe the item with a scanner, or type in a few digits and the software program will update the inventory list without you having to manually check everything.

Some inventory management software programs even allow for automated reordering. You can set a threshold for when an item runs low and the software program will tell the computer to send an email or process an order with the merchant who supplies the product. You can also find a program that will provide you with analytic s allowing you to get a sense of what the current market trends are and how you can profit from those trends. As an example, you might be told that the sale of white bread is up over wheat and adjust your inventory accordingly.

The possibilities are many and varied. inventory management software can be free, tried for free before you decide to buy it, relatively inexpensive to rather pricey. It depends on where your business is at as to what range of program you get, but as your business grows, so should your inventory management.

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